18 May, 2021

4. 1925 Hispano Suiza H6B

While the Rolls-Royce was the preferred car of choice for the Maharajas in pre-independent India, a select few Royals indulged in brands like Hispano-Suiza due to their sheer technological prowess. The one you see here, a 1925 H6B is the most beautiful Hispano-Suiza in the country and a very important car globally as it is the only surviving chassis with Saoutchik bodywork. This H6B was originally owned by the Maharaja Of Mysore and is now in possession of the Geedee Museum in Coimbatore and has been restored beautifully. The car also has a very very unique body style called ‘La Transformable 6 Glaces’, which allows it to be used with the roof closed, or as a landaulet or as a full cabriolet depending on the owner’s wishes.


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