18 May, 2021

5. 1931 Lancia Dilambda

A Lancia Dilambda in the top 5 list? Surely there are several Bentleys, Mercedes-Benz, Maybach creations that deserve to be here instead. Well, yes and no. While there are cars that are important, and if I ever extend this list to a top 10, I would surely add them in, in my opinion, there is a BIG reason this particular car deserves to be in the top 5. This is the earliest Pininfarina bodied car in India and also, one of the earliest Pininfarina bodied cars in the world! And if that wasn’t enough, this Lancia Dilambda is a single family owned car since brand new! While the India connection for this car from new is a fantastic piece of it’s history, with Pininfarina now owned by Mahindra and essentially an ‘Indian’ brand, that only makes this car’s presence in this top 5 list completely justified.


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